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Ultima Dr Pen A6 with 6PCS Cartridges Needles Professional Microneedling DermaPen Wireless Electric Skin Care Tools Kit

Ultima Dr Pen A6 with 6PCS Cartridges Needles Professional Microneedling DermaPen Wireless Electric Skin Care Tools Kit

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Brand Name: Dr.Pen

Material: Metal

Microneedle Length: 0.25mm

Microneedle Length: <0.25mm

Origin: Mainland China

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Power Source: Electric

Number of Pieces: One Unit

6Pcs Cartridges: 2x12 pins, 2x36 pins, 2x Nano

Output mode: Pluggable or wireless


  • Sleek, modern and ergonomic design.

  • The Dr. Pen A6 microneedling pen is designed with results and ease of use in mind.

  • Dr. Pen Ultima A6 microneedling pen is used mostly for face, stretch marks and facial lines.

  • Dr. Pen uses sterile, individually-sealed, disposable needle cartridges for optimal safety and comfort.

  • The adjustable dial allows treatment that adapts to individual client's needs. Notice that the maximum depth depends on your cartridge's type.

  • Dr. Pen is more economical than derma roller, you just need to recharge the pen and replace cartridges after every use. Come with two replaceable batteries for Dr. Pen Ultima A6.

  • Both wired and wireless can be worked.

How to Use:

  • Wash skin and pat dry. You can use a numbing cream if desired

  • Sterilize cartridge and insert into device.

  • Apply your favorite serum to desired area of the skin.

  • To turn the device on, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.

  • Then you can press and release button to select desired speed and move the device back and forth and criss cross on desired area and then move to the next.

  • Once finished, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to turn device off.

  • For best results you can apply more of your favorite serum.

Package includings:

1 x Dr. Pen A6

6 x 2x12 pins, 2x36 pins, 2x Nano cartridges

2 x Rechargeable batteries

1 x Adapter to use the pen plugged in

1 x Battery charging adapter with cover

1 x Wall charger and cord

1x User manual

1x Storage box

Safety Tips:

  • Do not use on open wounds, acne or irritated skin.

  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

  • Do not share cartridges with anyone.

Warm Tip:

After using your face will be slightly red and tingly, as thegrowth factors, vitamin c, or platelet rich plasma absorb into your skin.these reactions by the next day, you will be able to return to work and play.


Experts recommend to use Dr. Pen Ultima A6 with topical numbing cream and Vitamin C serum together. It would be better consult experts before making a purchase, based on your skin problems.

If you need more microneedles for Dr. Pen A6, please click this picture to purchase them:

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